RUST-X is a complex polymer coating containing a high molecular weight organic complex in a special non-corrosive acid base. It is designed to treat rusty iron based metals, and will convert any rust to a protective, coated surface.

RUST-X converts iron oxide (rust) to a black ferro-organic coating.
RUST-X forms a thin semi-mono molecular coating that makes it suitable for treating  movable parts.
RUST-X prevents the migration of ions so that no chemical reaction can occur on the metal surface.
RUST-X produces a homogeneous reaction with the products of iron oxidation. This complexes the iron oxidation areas as well as binding together both Fe(II) and Fe(III) simultaneously. This special property is vital, for it gives a uniform and insoluble coat that adheres strongly to the surface.

RUST-X is specially designed for the treatment of rusted steel before the application of a paint system. It is particularly recommended for the protection of metal structures subjected to the attack of aggressive atmospheric agents or corrosive chemical environments.

RUST-X is recommended for use in refineries, associated chemical installations, and on storage tanks. Corrosion is due to the acidic atmosphere of the refinery, to the alkalinity of  associated fertilizer plants, and to salt water atmospheric conditions in coastal areas. RUST-X is an effective and economical treatment and often the only treatment possible in refineries where sandblasting is generally forbidden due to safety reasons. In addition, RUST-X can be used to treat oil field tools. Due to its unique mono-molecular film it will not interfere with movable parts operations.


Paint systems applied to surfaces treated with RUST-X will give considerable improvement in protection of metal structures located in chemically corrosive environments. RUST-X is also recommended for use on transport tankers and storage tanks in aggressive industrial atmospheres.

Marine air and salt water environments cause intense corrosion. Use of RUST-X is particularly recommended in this area. It is an excellent treatment of rusted steel before painting and can be used for all exposed structural surfaces, valving, and piping.

The presence of acids, alkalies, and humidity causes rapid corrosion of metal surfaces in gas works. The increasing use of natural gas has caused an increase in the number of storage tanks, many of which are in coastal areas and are subjected to the action of the salty atmosphere.

Due to RUST-X's unique ability to deeply penetrate surfaces, it is possible to treat the corrosion of wire rope and cable to the core. It is widely known that the corrosion of wire rope is not only costly to the industry but unsafe to exposed workers. While the exterior of the rope may be well maintained and lubricated, the interior could be suffering severe corrosion. RUST-X can solve this problem with the proper application by treating and complexing the rust at the core.

The location and the shape of some structures may make any sandblasting operation very difficult and dangerous. High voltage towers, radio, radar, and television antenna towers are only a few good examples of this category of structures which are often exposed to extreme weather conditions.

The flow of salt and fresh water under bridges causes condensation on the back of the deck and is one of the special causes of corrosion in these works. Excellent performance can be obtained with RUST-X and, in particular, on bridges exposed to marine air where the presence of high humidity and the salt causes intense corrosion.

Cities will normally see uses in towers, storage tanks, valving, pipes, etc.

Tractors and implements can see excellent results by using RUST-X on anything made of steel subject to rust.